Impact the life of a young man seeking a second chance, his family, and the community that depends on him.


Here’s your opportunity to start fresh, meet a counselor who cares about you and has been where you are, and get placed in a job.


Fill your open positions with eager, dedicated, hard-working young men seeking a fresh start. It’s simple, we set it all up for you.


Join the movement. We’re on a mission to transform Fresno one gang member at a time through hopecaring relationships, and a job.





Most men in gangs believe they won’t outlive the age of 24.
Here’s just a few incredible stories of the transformative power of hope…

Why We Do It

There’s a glaring problem in Fresno that young men are facing…


Of Young Men In Fresno/Clovis Have Ties To Gangs

Violent Crimes Committed In Fresno/Clovis Every Year


Of Families In Fresno/Clovis Are Living In Poverty

Dollars Saved Per Year To Rehabilitate A Young Man At Hope Now Instead Of Prison


Of Hope Now Graduates Keep Their Jobs

…and a proven way to do something about it.

Make An Impact

Call (559) 237-7215 or Email to learn more.

Every Dollar Counts

Hope Now invests every dollar received into:

  • Relationship Building
  • Re-Introducing the Christian Faith
  • Re-Parenting Through One-On-One Mentoring
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Social Enterprise Opportunities
  • On-the-job Development
  • Job Placement
  • Employee/Employer Follow-Up

…plus, all the details required to lift an at-risk young man from the nightmare of the streets into the American dream.

Hope Now stewards a streamlined operating budget that provides for its facilites, programs, and staff (all former gang members and Hope Now graduates themselves).

Hope Now is supported by a thriving community of concerned individuals, organizations, churches, businesses, and foundations.

• Saving Lives
• Strengthening Families
• Improving Communities

When Hope Now reaches just one gang member, it has a shockwave effect. It starts with his family and close friends, then to the neighborhood he calls home, and ultimately into the community he cares about.

Gang Members Reached

Mentoring Hours Invested

Recruiting Cards Handed Out

Overcoming The Impossible

In Fresno, where crime and poverty rates are among the highest in the nation and 1:5 young men have gang affiliations, Hope Now has been transforming lives since 1993. Over 2,250 gang-affiliated young men with criminal records have found jobs and are embracing faith. These young men come to us with a deep desire for a new life.

A job and a caring relationships are the two steps that lift men from the streets into transformation, belonging, and generosity. It’s challenging work, but this approach demostrated the profound impact hope and opportunity can have in a desperate man’s life.

Perhaps there’s a way God might work through you to support local men seeking a second chance, their families that depend on him, and the community he calls home.

Partner With Us

Hope Now believes in the power of collaboration. We’re dedicated to building strategic partnerships that drive mutual growth and success. By partnering with us, you gain access to a wealth of resources, expertise, and a network that spans across the city and county.

Join us in shaping the future. Together, we can reach even more men, families, and neighborhoods. Contact us today to learn more and start our journey toward success.


Hope Now is a Christian, faith-based emergency rescue team dedicated to transforming the lives of young men aged 16-39 involved in gangs or with criminal records. Rooted by 30 years of experience, Hope Now relies on Christian ethical values and the transformative power of the gospel to guide men towards a hopeful future.

We believe that true life change comes through long-term relationships based on love, help, and understanding, as modeled in the Bible.

Motivated by the “golden rule” to love our neighbors, we present Jesus Christ as the hope for eternal life, God as a caring heavenly Father, and the Church as a supportive family.

Hope Now relies on God’s strength for two endeavors:

  • Commitment to providing unconditional support and opportunities for gainful employment
  • Preventing young men from falling into prison, addiction, or death, and offering better path

Get Involved. Transform Lives.

We are always looking for good, strong, compassionate people, groups, businesses, and organizations to join our thriving community. Inquire below.

2305 Stanislaus St. Fresno, CA 93721

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